At every opportunity, Inter-Sol puts together a strong team of CRE professionals that makes sure that each client’s needs are met. The team leader applies balance and consistency in the management of each project, ensuring timely and spontaneous support to clients.
Here are a few of the effects of a balanced project management approach to clients’ needs.

Inter-Sol takes the time to fully understand the client’s nature of business and business strategies, and then evaluates whether it is best for the client to own or rent corporate real estate. From such an overall review, support is provided from portfolio analysis to design and implementation of plans, and finally to carrying out of solutions. Furthermore, in M&A scenarios, the impact of corporate real estate into the business operation is assessed so that real value is calculated.

In Project Management, Inter-Sol assists clients find or develop all necessary real estate for their business operations, such as manufacturing and R&D facilities, as well as for employee welfare, such as dormitory or housing facilities. At every step of the process, from the start of the feasibility study through the setting of specifications for the location of the facilities, the laying out of the framework that inter-connects infrastructure with the function of each business unit or manufacturing and logistics facilities, Inter-Sol extends total support; in particular, during the negotiations and contract documentation for the actual acquisition of the properties.

Where market conditions are not conducive to sale/disposition or lease-out, or where properties fall under urbanization-restricted areas, or in cases where complicated issues abound property rights, Inter-Sol will complement its basic information research and analysis with negotiations with the local authorities, and engage all parties involved into a dialogue, to find the best solution; as well, conduct a low-keyed but consistently thorough marketing that will support its proposals and recommendations that lead to a successful closure of deals in disposition or lease.

At Inter-Sol, CRE professionals each with an expertise assigned to a client’s case consult one another to ensure the client gets the best alternative in a sale/disposition - that all minus factors have been thought of and eliminated, that the appropriate cost has been determined, leading to an improved cash flow. As well, in projecting value improvement as a result of property development, Inter-Sol can propose joint real estate investment that should reduce risks.

Apart from basic relocation support services, Inter-Sol provides comprehensive project management services that extend over office consolidation and collective relocation due to mergers or reorganization of corporations. It also provides support in finding the facilities that match their needs and business strategies, securing the best office environment that is also cost-effective.

Inter-Sol analyzes and evaluates whether costs and expenses, such as in building maintenance and restoration of leased properties to original condition, are appropriate, ensuring clients get the best value.

Inter-Sol is well equipped to provide hard and soft services in corporate real estate management.In Property Management, it tackles important issues such as developing a database of properties whether owned or leased, reviewing terms and conditions of property lease contracts, and identifying gaps in analyses of market conditions, and responds to client needs further through detailed proposals of solutions and risk management of contracts concluded elsewhere.

Inter-Sol has the resources to assist clients who are intending to locate or pull out their business operations overseas. Through actual site visits and with assistance from affiliated local real estate firms, Inter-Sol is able to provide professional services in due diligence, market research and property search, and in actual transactions. It works closely with clients, coordinating with both their overseas subsidiaries and their corporate headquarters in Japan, to support their decision-making.