We are committed to realizing our VISION and to applying our management principle, devoting 100% of our efforts for the pursuit of optimum profits for clients.

As an independent entity with no capital participation from any other party in the industry, Inter-Sol was organized solely to operate as a corporate real estate services provider and that remains unchanged to date. The team formed specifically for each client is a reflection of the company’s organization itself.

Having the same perspective as the client and understanding the market from the same standpoint are qualities that only a company formed specifically to propel CRE services possess. From such platform, the company explores, deliberates, proposes and implements solutions; thus, in any situation, no opportunity is lost and no contradiction to profitability occurs.
For Inter-Sol, the client’s interests come first.

Inter-Sol promises to be the driving force for the effective management and solution of corporate real estate issues, and to significantly contribute to the enhancement of the client’s business worth.

Whether corporate real estate issues are encountered domestically or overseas, Inter-Sol professionals draw from their exposure and experience in various fields, always maintaining a high level of service and ever committed to contributing to the business growth of clients.

President Kenichi Ito